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Jane Powertwin

A selection of tyres & inner tubes suitable for Jane Powertwin and other similar makes and models.

Most Jane prams, including Jane Slalom Pro and Jane Powertwin, are generally fitted with tyre size 270 x 47-203. Although we carry large stocks of these tyres and inner tubes, we also offer a range of suitable alternatives. All the tyres listed in this section are fitted in our own workshop so we know they will fit perfectly onto your existing wheels. If you choose any of the alternative sizes we recommend that you change all 3 tyres so your pram sits evenly.

30116 - Genuine Jane Powertwin Replacement Inner Tube (270 x 47-203)

This quality inner tube is the "Genuine" replacement for Jane Powertwin and other prams fitted with tyre size 270x47-203. The inner tube is fitted with an angled (bent) valve for easy inflating.

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30120 - Genuine Jane Powertwin Replacement Inner Tubes - Set of 3 (270 x 47-203)

A set of 3 replacement inner tubes for Jane Powertwin fitted with tyre size 270 x 47-203. These inner tubes are size 101/2 x 17/8 (270 x 47-203) and are fitted with angled valves.

£17.97 £14.95 (Save 17%)
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30138 - Slime Filled Inner Tube for Jane Powertwin

This self-healing, Slime filled inner tube will considerably reduce the risk of punctures for up to 2 years. Suitable for Jane Slalom Powertwin with tyre size 270 x 47-203

£9.99 £7.99 (Save 20%)
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10127 - Heavy Duty Replacement Tyres & Inner Tubes for Jane Powertwin - Set of 3

A great alternative to the original Jane tyres. A set of 3 top quality tyres and inner tubes suitable for Jane Powertwin. These tyres feature a Heavy Duty tread design and are ideal for rural conditions. They are also perfect in the snow. The set also includes 3 inner tubes fitted with angled valves. These tyres are size 47-203 and will replace the original Jane tyres.

£53.82 £32.95 (Save 39%)
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40050 - Anti-Puncture Tape - Ready to Fit - Jane Powertwin

Protect against punctures with this Anti-Puncture Tape. It is already cut to length and ready to fit. Suitable for Jane Powertwin with tyre size 270 x 47-203 or 121/2 x 1.75 x 21/4 (47-203)

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